The Leadership Institute of New Sudan (LIONS) is established by community advocates in Diaspora for the purpose of preparing and equipping the growing generations with effective knowledge for peace building and social justice.  

It carries innovative programs designed to prepare students for successful decision making in their daily live within their local and national communities. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary curricula, leadership training, group decision making, problem solving, higher-level thinking skills, community service, and role modeling.


 The Need for LIONS:

A new nation is being born and it will need men and women who are equipped to lead at all levels of society. In order to recover from decades-long conflict and trauma, the leaders themselves must be healers. If emerging leaders are dedicated to service rather than personal gain; if they are self-aware and skilled in bringing out the best in those around them to achieve a common purpose, then the transition to a peaceful, democratic system will be positive and sustainable. The Leadership Institute of New Sudan was formed by Sudanese to develop leaders in the Diaspora and in Sudan in order to support peace and development throughout Sudan.


The leadership institute of New Sudan dedicated to provide participants with the high quality influential tools and essential insights necessary to play vital roles in becoming truly and exceptional leaders.

LIONS leadership training program designed to move people next level, step out of their boundaries and nurture the spirit of understanding!!

Come and learn and take the steps towards crucial changes that your community will recognize.    

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